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Paws of Grace Mission

We are dedicated to showing Veterans how much our country loves and appreciates them; One Service Dog at a Time.

Image by Martin Castro
Our Mission
Grace from Paws of Grace Service

Paws of Grace Vision

Every veteran should have access to a service dog regardless of their financial situation. Service dogs can run anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 just for the training and education, add to that the cost of actually caring for an animal, and many veterans feel that service dogs are out of their reach. Through Paws of Grace: Service Dogs for Veterans, we are providing service dogs at no cost to those veterans who qualify. In our ideal future, every veteran who would benefit from a service dog would have one.

POG Vision

How Paws of Grace All Began...

Elena's Story

Elena's Story

I am a medically disabled Army veteran. I got my dog Grace after my deployment to Iraq. At first, it was not a great relationship. Grace was always trying to find a way to get what she wanted when she wanted it! She was still the reason I got up in the mornings and the reason I would rush home and enjoy being outside with my puppy. I found a training that finally helped us communicate and everything changed. Grace started doing some behaviors that my trainer quickly saw as her trying to help me. She could tell every time I was having a hard time before it ever got bad enough for me to tell. She saved me from locking myself in my house and never leaving. Because of our bond and her ability to save me, I wanted to give back to our veteran community.

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